THERMAHEAL Hot and Cold Therapy Products

Thermal Therapy Designed with Healing in Mind

THERMAHEAL products are custom-designed multi-use hot or cold wraps and compresses for the safe and effective treatment of injuries and conditions. Our beautifully crafted products provide up to 20 minutes of optimal recommended temperature therapy and come with educational and therapeutic guidelines on how to best use hot-cold therapy to stimulate or decrease blood flow, speed recovery and maximize the body's healing potential.

  • Microwave safe, flexible when frozen.
  • Washable - within care guidelines.
  • Minimal preparation; reusable, economical, portable.
  • Natural therapeutic alternative to electric heating pads or chemical gel packs.
  • Contoured to fit and adjust to multiple body areas for focused application of heat or cold.
  • Helps clients better tolerate cold therapy.
  • Encourages home treatment compliance.

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Made in Waterloo, ON, Canada